My piece on GWB at The Journal at IJReview is up!

Found here. Short version: um, just as a reminder, Republicans┬álike George W Bush*. Even if they have lots of problems with his domestic policies. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when a comment about him keeping us safe after 9/11 gets applauded at a Republican debate.

That being said, they shifted the title around a little.

Moe Lane

*For that matter, most people who aren’t Democrats like GWB these days, which is why he’s got a favorable approval rating again.

4 thoughts on “My piece on GWB at The Journal at IJReview is up!”

  1. The difference is that, with Bush, while I may have disagreed with his domestic agenda, I never doubted his love for America, his determination to protect it, and the seriousness with which he took his duties.

    With Obama… not so much.

  2. GWB is a class act. The current officeholder isn’t.
    Pretty much all that needs to be said.*

    *Alright – I’ll add that the Democrat bench this round is also lacking in class as well as couth.

  3. Moe:

    Just a nitpick: You wrote that Lincoln only won the election of 1860 because the Democrats split into two parties; while I know that American history textbooks like to parrot this, it may or may not be true. Here’s the issue: if you do a static analysis and combine all the not-Lincoln popular votes, Lincoln still wins the Electoral College. Now, perhaps if the Democratic Party had not split, the single Democratic nominee could have concentrated on peeling off some states in the North instead of having to compete with other Democratic candidates for states in the South. Or maybe not. We just don’t know.

    1. I instinctively think that if the Democrats hadn’t split Lincoln wouldn’t have won. Heck, he might not even have gotten the nomination: the Democrats split before the GOP convention. But I will freely admit that I haven’t run the vote totals. ­čÖé

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