RNC to test out campaign, outreach infrastructure this month.

Organization. That’s what you need to have. Organization, and infrastructure.  The RNC is currently testing its recent work on both: “The RNC says it now has over 150 paid staff and 10,000 campaign volunteers scattered in key electoral battlegrounds and other states. Now, the national party wants to find out if its investment in manpower, technology and strategy development pays off in the form of a well-oiled political machine.”

I’m noting this because I want to get on the record: do not panic if the rocket blows up on the launch pad. The RNC is testing this stuff out a year early precisely because it might blow up. Negative data is great data. And you want to do this early In 2012 Team Romney went live with its infamous GOTV platform ORCA on Election Day. Guess what happened? That’s right, it blew up on the launching pad.  With Team Romney inside of it.

Via @CommodoreBTC.

Moe Lane

PS: Looking at the article, the specific states targeted appear to be specific test beds for specific strategies. I wouldn’t read too much into what states got excluded at this particular stage of the process. For all we know, the next wave will test stuff in safe Democratic or Republican states, or look at other battlefield states, or just go national and see how things scale. If you know what you’re doing, how long it’s going to take, and how much it’s going to cost, it’s not exactly R&D, is it?

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