Tweet of the Day, Dang But That’s A White Debate Platform edition.

Not to mention pretty freaking weak.

A one-term Senator (Webb), a two-term Senator and former Representative (Sanders), a two-term Senator and former Secretary of State (Clinton), a two-term Governor (O’Malley), and a one-term Senator (Chafee). How can such a slate that is that old be also that fundamentally unaccomplished*? Seriously, I thought that Sanders at least must have been in the Senate forever.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I have to watch the stupid thing on Tuesday. I plan to have at least one drink in the process, of course. Still, the things that I do for the Republic…

*The Secretary of State bit would be more impressive if it weren’t for the minor detail that Hillary Clinton was an absolute galloping disaster at it. I mean, come on, let’s not pretend here. She was awful.

PPS: Yes, I know that we have a couple of sitting Senators running. And a couple of business people. And a neurosurgeon. And a few sitting governors. And… well, you get the point. Even with Walker and Perry gone we STILL have an infinitely better selection to choose from.

8 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Dang But That’s A White Debate Platform edition.”

      1. I would mention some of the GOP candidates who were at the kiddie-table, but … I don’t really *need* to, eh?

    1. American politics would be much more rational if the party of the Left were represented by people like Christie, no?

  1. Five old, white, rich, privileged Americans are going to sit for a few hours and agree among themselves (it won’t be a debate, except for a few of Sanders’ opinions) that the problems with this country are due to old, white, rich, privileged Americans, and only government can beat them into submission.

    You HAVE to watch it, Moe? Can I buy you a nice whisky to make up for it?

    1. I doubt very seriously that Moe actually needs to watch it; I’m fairly certain that he can predict what is going to happen right now. C’mon, the candidates will be in front of a friendly (MSM) moderator who will ask them questions designed to make them (at least some of them) look like geniuses, while at the same time undermining the GOP candidates as much as possible.

      1. “Senator Sanders, you’ve been in D.C. since before the iPod was introduced, please say something mean about George W. Bush.”

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