Quote of the Day, Now THIS Is How You Troll Official Washington edition.

So, basically, Andrew Styles went and bought a bunch of Trump hats for the WFB staff, because why not? I’d buy a Make America Great Again hat myself, except that they’re overpriced. Anyway, people saw the donation, assumed that five hundred bucks for hats was actually the same kind of Big Thing as to the seventy-five grand Stephanopoulos gave the Clinton Foundation.  And then the Washington Free Beacon lowered the boom.

Washington Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti said in a statement Stiles purchased the hats for the staff at the publication.

“As Andrew has said, he made what he thought was a charitable donation to the cause of making America great again, a cause that he cares about deeply. Additionally, Mr. Stiles has disclosed in numerous online postings on our site that he was in fact a Trump campaign donor. In August, Mr. Stiles also presented our staff with really incredible Make America Great Again hats, and by the way, they do look fantastic, they look so good your head will spin,” Continetti said.

Then Continetti said Stiles will be investigated by “Biff Diddle…”

And that’s when I lost it, because ‘Biff Diddle’ is, as Politico gamely noted, is the parody pseudonym that the WFB reaches for when it wants to show people the Hawaiian Good-Luck Symbol properly. I swear to God, I love the Washington Free Beacon: they have fun with stuff like this like no other. I should try to sell them an article sometime…

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