Vandals attack, deface, then wreck statue outside of children’s charity.

Some people shouldn’t get into this entire protest thing.

On three separate nights this month, vandals irreparably damaged the smiling Ronald McDonald statue that sat outside the Ronald McDonald House in Burlington, Vermont.

“Isn’t this sad?” said Kristine Bickford, the house’s executive director, as she showed the ruined fiberglass body of the famous clown.

Well, I think it’s sad. Then again, I’m not a horrible human being. The horrible human beings in question burned the face, then decapitated and stole the head, then cut off the feet.  Because… reasons, I guess.  I repeat: I’m not a horrible human being, so don’t expect me to have a really good insight into this.

And let me just be impolite, here: when this sort of thing happens once, it’s usually some sort of garden-variety [expletive deleted]. Do it twice, it’s a copycat. Three times or more? …Yeah, somebody’s got an ideological ax to grind.  Of course, one might hope that the ax-grinder might have had the common decency to not freak out a bunch of sick kids wondering why an adult might hate Ronald McDonald this much, but only if one did not understand that some people simply can’t function unless they’re outright hating something.

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PS: It’s mean-spirited to assume which political ideology is responsible for this (we will dispense with pretending that this might be a fake crime, if only because cutting off a statue’s head and feet on two separate occasions suggests a certain level of intensity not normally found in hoax-like circumstances).  But I would be remiss in noting that, by and large, unhinged behavior like this is typically found on one side of the political spectrum, and it’s not the side that’s mine. Seriously: going after little kids? That’s lower than whale excrement.  Well. At least among decent people.

PPS: I really do feel sorry for Ms. Bickford. She’s trying her level best to actually reason with these people: “”I plead to anybody who did do this act, that they would come down and maybe look and see what we have here and what it really means to come into this house,” Bickford said. “And they might have second thoughts about what they did. And maybe they’d even donate some volunteer hours here.””  The truth of the matter?  She’s lucky that these people don’t quite have the evil – or maybe just the guts – to simply burn down the Ronald McDonald House.  With or without her still in it.

PPPS: Nobody in the media will ever ask Bernie Sanders whether he thinks his party’s views on GMOs and minimum wage increases had an impact on this attack. …And that tells you everything that you need to know about media bias, huh? Only one side gets to avoid getting inflammatory questions like that; and, again: it’s not the side that’s mine.

5 thoughts on “Vandals attack, deface, then wreck statue outside of children’s charity.”

  1. And folks look at me in shock and horror when I refer to folks like that as “the enemy.”

  2. I will posit ,w/out any evidence other than ‘ Vermont “, these are the local SJW crowd attacking GMO Big Food , the same ones who wing a sack of Mickey D trash out the window of their vehicle in some nice bucolic lane , because RAGE .

  3. Because the ends justify the means, comrades! Any ends, no matter how trivial; any means, no matter how nasty.

  4. “Only one side gets to avoid getting inflammatory questions like that; and, again: it’s not the side that’s mine.”

    And a side I am proud to be on.

  5. RMHC is actually a great charity. Your donations go to doing actual good. My nieces daughter was just released by the hospital today from a fractured skull with (guessing here) minor tbi. RMHC put her and her mom up for ten days or so for all the tests and stuff at a top tier facility. I could go on, but I’ll spare the details and just say RMHC is aces in my book.
    That said, which side of the political spectrum reviles private enterprise, and believes that all good things can and should only come from the hand of the government?

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