Tweet of the Day, Watch Climate Change Fundamentalists Desecrate A Memorial edition.

It’s not that your average climate change fanatic acts badly. It’s not even that they cannot act well. It’s that they apparently have no real conception of what ‘acting badly’ and ‘acting well’ even MEAN.

I mean, I don’t have to tell anybody reading this Do not trample a memorial to murdered people.  I don’t have to tell the average member of the Democratic party this, either. I probably wouldn’t have to tell a regular, ordinary liberal – well, maybe a few. But most would get it. But God save us from religious fanatics who don’t understand that they’re either…

11 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Watch Climate Change Fundamentalists Desecrate A Memorial edition.”

  1. but those murdered people are stealing our publicity! are you defending their thievery?? they suck all the oxygen from us! WE CAN’T BREATHE!

    self-righteousness kills.

  2. Oh, look, one of the first pictures shows black-clad masked people–any bets those aren’t the anarchists who show up at these protests, start the violence, and then fade away?

    1. May I suggest “a mob” is more appropriate?
      There are, after all, rules for handling the mob…

      1. Back in my day rioting in Europe , the flics knew how to swing a baton and the polizei were not shy about firing up the wasserkanonen . Now , not so much ….

      2. I believe it was Napoleon who said to give them a “whiff of grape”.
        And he wasn’t talking about wine.

  3. Well, Obama and Kerry DID say that Climate Change made the jihadis commit these crimes. It’s religious zealots all the way down…

  4. I’m never quite sure if climate change cultists are just really stupid, or just really bad people. (I know, I know – embrace the healing power of “and”)

  5. Just as Hollande got all outraged and strutty and “we’re gonna show no mercy” for the first two days after the attacks and then dropped 20 (Oooooo! 20!) bombs on ISIS and then started once again talking about how we all need to treat Islam with respect, etc., etc., the french people seemed to get over their outrage and anger and concern within a few more days.

    So, they’ll probably just publicly thank the climate protesters for helping to clean up the litter from the attack memorial.

    (“SOMEBODY had to pick up all those candles lying around.”)

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