Obamacare’s Cadillac Tax will probably be the first thing to go.

This test vote is pretty glaring: “The Senate voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to repeal ObamaCare’s “Cadillac tax” on high-cost health plans, a rare area of bipartisan agreement around the healthcare law.” By overwhelmingly the Hill means… well, overwhelmingly: 90-10, to be precise. It’s an amendment to the Senate bill repealing Obamacare, which means that it’s probably not going to actually take place just yet. After all, the general assumption is that Barack Obama will veto the repeal, and 55 Senators does not equal 67. Nonetheless; it’s a big signal that the current crop of Democrats aren’t quite as eager to die for Obamacare as the last few crops were. To quote Larry Niven: think of it as evolution in action.

Also, I love the picture that the Hill chose.

They’re getting tired of this guy, too.

5 thoughts on “Obamacare’s Cadillac Tax will probably be the first thing to go.”

  1. It’s not even remotely his style, but imagine if Our President didn’t veto the thing. Odds are, he knows it’s in an death spiral, especially if Congress passes a clean Cadillac Tax repeal with veto-proof levels. It would take more political skill than he’s shown so far, but he could leave office with something that could work.

    1. …except that he would love to see the insurance companies go out of business so they could be nationalized. He wins that way, because he gets single payer.

  2. The media remora peels off the shark, having sucked out all useful lifeblood, and goes in search of the next prey…

  3. Just so that I am clear. There is a bill to repeal Obamacare. To which someone attached an amendment to double secretly repeal a subset of Obamacare.

  4. I thought that the majority of the plans subject to the Cadillac tax were Union negotiated benefits. If so, it seems to me that it needs to stay in place. Let them suffer like I do. They wanted it, after all.

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