My RedState post on Obamacare deadlines.

Found here. Short version: I dunno.  “I told you so?”  Yeah, that works.  I told you so.

One thought on “My RedState post on Obamacare deadlines.”

  1. I’d be a lot happier if I hadn’t been forced onto the exchange.
    On the bright side, we’re in the golden spot of limited income, decent size family, and chronic illnesses, where it’s a major benefit (If you don’t mind the whole “welfare trap” aspect of it. It was rather disheartening to have the insurance advisor tell me that becoming a productive member of society would carry some 17K+ of opportunity cost. Bugger.)
    On the down side, the whole edifice could come crashing down and completely screw us.
    There’s no way I would have paid $500/month for health insurance with a deductible of $10,000 back when I was young and invincible. (Heck, I wouldn’t now! And have last year’s tax bill to prove it.) That’s just insanely stupid. Enough so that even Millennials are likely to catch on.

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