My RedState post on suspected Democratic Iowa Caucus fraud.

Found here. Short version: the Des Moines Register is wondering what happened at the Democratic Iowa caucus. I’m wondering how is it that the Democrats can’t put this story to bed.

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  1. I’m .. not buying it. Specifically, I’m not buying that you’re *wondering* .. I think you pretty much called it.
    Hillary is unlikable.
    Even the feminist lawyer I sometimes mention isn’t trying to persuade people to vote for Hillary based on, well, *Hillary* .. she’s specifically encouraging other feminists to vote for Hillary “because they can look their daughters in the eye and say they tried”.
    It’s .. remarkably sad, really.

  2. I have to disagree with you about your third footnote, in which you imagine that Hillary had gotten the nomination in 2008 instead of Obama. I’m not sure that Obama would be the front-runner for the Democratic nomination this year.

    First, I’m not sure that Hillary would have been the blight on the Democratic bench that Obama was, so there’d be fresh faces able to toss their hat in the ring.

    Second, Obama would have been around for eight years. A big chunk of Obama’s appeal in 2008 was he was a blank slate on which people could project their ideal candidate. (Not that he actually was a blank slate, but the media could keep his extremism on the QT.) If Obama were still in the Senate, he would have been in the Senate for 12 years, and there’s a reason we haven’t elected a person directly from the Senate with more than one term under their belt: senators absorb Senate protocol and cease to be able to talk like a normal person. If Obama were Governor of Illinois, he’d definitely have a record, which would probably make him much less appealing. (Plus, I hear that Illinois has streamlined their workflow and just make the reservation for the jail cell when the governor is sworn in.)

    1. Let me address ” Much Less Appealing ” . If the american voter is in 2016 most concerned with wage stagnation and job security ,then a candidate coming out of Illinois would be the poster boy for what not to do . Illinois is ranked in the bottom ten of business friendly climates , with the business flight record to go with it . State finances are a train wreck and rival PR for unsustainability AKA imminent bankruptcy . And as to the present R governor of Illinois , I would think his present position a terminal one : no further political future with this on his resume . Better that Illinois be a shining example of Democrat policies and politics as what not to do, a cautionary tale of what happens when one runs out of OPM .

  3. This stealing of elections is something the D’s are very good at . We could revisit the Illinois 1960 where the 27 electrical votes swing on 9,000 out of 6 million : the Daley Chicago machine delivered . More recently we can lay a great deal of blame for Obamacare in the stolen senate election in Minnesota giving our Republic the services of a professional clown , Al Franken . The other part of that blame sticks to the R’s and Coleman not knowing the rules of the game and being unprepared for the vote shuffling and election theft . No give the D’s credit , they do know how to steal an election and have had the practice to do it well .

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