Oh, yeah, there was a Democratic debate tonight.

Don’t worry if you didn’t watch it: it was on PBS, so neither did anybody else.  I only have even a vague idea what happened in it because apparently ten percent of my Twitter timeline apparently secretly hates themselves, and thus forced themselves to watch the blipping thing.  This will probably give you a good idea of what they went through:

Kissinger. The Bernie Sanders campaign had its fast-response squad respond to stuff about Henry Kissinger. And to think we thought that the Democrats would have trouble connecting with young voters!

6 thoughts on “Oh, yeah, there was a Democratic debate tonight.”

  1. Quick question. Did Sanders say boo about the oppression of Soviet Jews back when it was happening? Or was he still having too nice a time on his Russian honeymoon?

  2. Wait. I used a little-known analysis method called “arithmetic” on the claim of 580,000+ bombing missions over Laos in nine years, and discovered that this works out to an average of roughly 176 missions per day, every day. Is this plausible?

    1. From the CIA website: “Between 1965 and 1968, the rate of sorties in Laos had remained fairly constant at 10 to 20 a day. In 1969, the rate reached 300 per day.” I found a different record that said 170000 in 1970 alone, and a bunch of places that said 580994 total, but it was not clear where the ultimate source of that number was.

  3. “Young Voters?” I am 43 yrs old, and while I know the name and his importance in American and World history, I would be very hard pressed to pick him in a line up. To anyone under 30, Bernie may as well have been talking about Judah P. Benjamin (CSA Secretary of State, 1862-1865). At least he was a Democrat…
    And here I thought that Dennis K was the kook of the Democrat Party.

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