Tweet of the Day, …LOOKS Petty And Graceless, @asymmetricinfo? edition

It IS petty and graceless.

And completely expected. After all, Barack Obama’s base is largely upset that Scalia didn’t take out Clarence Thomas with him.

14 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …LOOKS Petty And Graceless, @asymmetricinfo? edition”

  1. He’d just fidget, tap on his wrist watch, sigh, and look off in random directions during the eulogies.
    Best he isn’t there.

  2. I always thought the role of the executive is to be the adult in the room. We can never elect another guy like this. He is utterly horrible.

    1. And yet, somehow a plurality of GOP primary voters support Trump (unless that WaPo/NBC poll from today isn’t the extreme outlier it sadly looks like).

      1. Crazy and/or drunk uncle is an adult … compared to surly, petulant cousin who got a cool car/girl/videogame but is a jerk about the whole thing…
        Drunk and/or crazy uncle is a little scary, but kinda funny, in a way, and ….he’ll pribably take your side over petulant-cousin, or just tell you both to get out…

  3. While decorum and good manners would mean his presence at Justice Scalia’s funeral, Obama’s absence is a more honest statement. For once, he doesn’t have to be a hypocrite, and Scalia’s funeral can honor a great American without the risk of a presidential selfie.

    PS Why should the man break his track record now?

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