…Slow morning, huh?

Things are now getting resoundingly silly in South Carolina. For your sanity I recommend not focusing too hard on anything going on there. Just let your eyes drift… over it, and never catch on anything. It’s for the best, really.

Unless you live in South Carolina, of course. Go vote on Saturday if you do.

9 thoughts on “…Slow morning, huh?”

  1. But then how would we know what grudges to bear?
    I have to say that the audacity of Trump and Rubio calling Cruz a liar is truly something to behold.
    Those living in glass houses evidently invest in trebuchets.

  2. The South Carolina Squabbles will be soon replaced by the Nevada Natterings, and the campaign calliope will play on.

      1. I sometimes wonder if a bunch of the states got together to have their primaries on the same day precisely so that no single one of them would get the full brunt of political silliness.

  3. Ah, South Carolina .. it’s remarkable how often that State, or one of its’ native sons, figure in the uglier bits of American history..

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