Reminder: CNN debate tonight at 8:30 PM Eastern.

You should be able to watch it on CNN here. To be brutally honest about it, I haven’t really decided whether to watch or not.  Well, I probably will – but it’s not likely to be really fun.

[UPDATE: Yeah, turned it off.]

[UPDATE: And apparently I’m supposed to turn it back on.]

[LAST UPDATE: Ended watching most of it, as soon as it was made clear to me that people were actually going to smack Donald Trump in the mouth for a change. Refreshing.]

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    1. Some added humor is that his twitter handle makes it look like he made “Matthew” into “Matty.” He must not be well read/versed in British literature because there are many names that as late of the 1950’s were still predominately male. Carroll comes to mind, even Connie.

  1. I didn’t watch the debate, but from what I understand it went about as well against Trump as we could have hoped for. Rubio finally took out the long knives for Trump, and Cruz sharpened his.

  2. I was very pleased with tonight’s debate. Everyone is saying Rubio won, and Cruz was a close second, but I don’t think I could pick a winner. Rubio had more moments, and they were punchier, but Cruz was more exact and more relentless. They were both very good in very different ways.
    I reiterate that I would happily vote for either man as president, and I say now that I would love a team-up ticket.

    1. I think that’s why it worked so well. Trump was being double teamed on multiple levels and areas. Cruz was like a prosecutor and a hostile witness. Methodically tearing Trumps arguments apart and Rubio was zipping in and causing havoc from a strictly oral perspective. Rinse and repeat and watch Trump spin around like a record. He could never get a footing to shoot back and had to resort to repeating himself with vague generalities.

      1. My favorite moment was when Trump said that he wasn’t repeating himself three times in a row…and then said it again just a couple seconds later.

        1. Speaking professionally, Trump’s major problem is that he’s not used to this kind of slap-back, so he doesn’t handle it well. This is not the ultimate political sin – after all, Rubio did get himself slapped in a similar fashion before New Hampshire – but if Trump doesn’t learn from this mistake then he’ll make it again.

          1. Agreed. Rubio and Cruz both seem to have learned from their earlier mistakes. Rubio was relaxed, smiling, and brutal last night and today…while Cruz stopped rambling and started communicating (and needling, which is better still).
            Trump may learn as they did. But his tweets from last night and this morning give me hope that he won’t.

  3. Saw only excerpts, but they just looked like:

    Did NOT.
    Did TOO.


    You’re a poopy-head
    No, YOU’re a poopy-head.

    And so forth.

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