A reader of mine is crowdfunding to get his book ready for Amazon.

So, Constant Reader BigGator5 has written a book: it’s called “Trident Force Chronicles: Sentinel’s Fall,” and he’s going to self-publish it.  Like people increasingly do, these days.  He’s trying to collect cash to get the book formatted properly to Amazon specifications, which is definitely a thing that you have to do and no mistake. I haven’t read the book yet, but BG5’s a longtime reader and, hey, he wrote a book. At the moment I can easily spare ten bucks to help encourage the arts, so why the heck not? Contribution link here.

Moe Lane

PS: There should be an exclamation point in that title somewhere. Just saying, dude.

8 thoughts on “A reader of mine is crowdfunding to get his book ready for Amazon.”

  1. Have you heard about Inkshares? It’s a crowdfunded publishing site. If you’re going to raise money anyway, you might want to put your book up as a project on inkshares and have people pre-order your book. When you get enough pre-orders, they publish it. That includes editing, cover design, and marketing. They’re running contests throughout the year as well. Good luck with your book!

  2. I don’t work for Inkshares. I have a couple of projects up there. However, I’m not much of a marketer, and my books aren’t all that good, so I’m not in danger of becoming the next Steven King.

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