OK, folks: see this map?


That is the current national temperature and most of the country is apparently not under cloud cover. Unless you’re somewhere up around the Canadian border: get off your computer and GO OUTSIDE.  I’m headed back out there myself as soon as the coffee finishes brewing.  Gonna sit on my front steps and breathe that fresh air.

14 thoughts on “How do I put this gently? GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND ENJOY THIS LOVELY MORNING.”

  1. It’s threatening to rain on me, and it’s in the upper 30s.
    But I got to vote for Cruz this morning in a primary that actually means something. That makes it a beautiful day.

  2. Yeah, well, I’m right under the “43” in the upper left hand corner there…and it’s pretty gray outside. Going to go see “Zootopia”, tho’…

  3. In north-central South Dakota, we’ve had snow showers. Yes, it could be worse, and yes, I’ve been outside, but no more than I’ve had to be.

  4. It was lovely during lunch. And it looks lovely out of the office window.

    I’m sure you understand.

      1. Heh. One previous gig, I had a window – with a view of a blank brick wall of the adjacent building.
        The manager, at the time, had a view of the treet, and the El tracks, and … couldn’t use the phone in his office for long calls because the train was so loud.

  5. Southern Status update: fixin’ to start spring flower planting.

    All the yellow daffodils are out. Look like sunshine spread along the fences and under the trees.
    Potted tulips on the back deck yesterday. Buy the ones about to bloom from Kroger and then slip them into one’s own pots. Just like homemade!

    Also, big excitement, today 1/2 of my dahlia order arrived. So got out the dahlia pots and stakes from the shed and put out along the fence. This year’s color scheme is pinks & purples & creams.
    Dahlias do NOT like red Georgia clay. But can be quite showy & happy in a large enough container. Garden tip of the day!

    one more errand in town and then going to sit on the front porch with my husband, the dogs, and a glass of wine and admire daffodils.

  6. I was outside yesterday pulling down the ivy that had grown up over the back of the house for the last two years before spring really sets in here and it starts growing again. The stuff had gone up over two stories and was attaching itself to the underside of the roof overhang and threatening to actually get on top of the roof itself, so it was well past Time To Do Something. One vine was so thick that the clippers I had weren’t enough to do the job so I had to take the point of a shovel and hack away at it.

    1. Yeah, it’s a great look .. until you can’t open a window… or worse, can’t *close* a window. (had both happen .. two houses ago)

  7. Was out in the shed/shop all morning while the girls were at pre-school. Took them both outside after lunch. Waiting on my son to get delivered home and we’ll go back out again.
    u2 wrote a song about this some 15 years ago. It’s going to be A Beautiful Day tomorrow too (hint hint)

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