Hey, you follow Eagle Forum?

I don’t. Not really all that congruent with me, those folks. ┬áBut apparently stuff is going down? ┬áSounds like a proper donnybrook’s going on.

No, seriously, I have no opinion. I’m not particularly a social conservative, so in a lot of ways it’s none of my business. But I know that some of you are, and it sounds like this is gonna be a big deal among social conservatives.

6 thoughts on “Hey, you follow Eagle Forum?”

  1. Not to make assumptions, but baseless accusations from Trumpsters doubling as subconscious confessions…. It fits their template.

  2. Sounds a lot like what the GOP in general is going through, in microcosm: some going for Trump and the rest realizing that the Trump fans are blindly following the Path To Destruction and not being willing to go along for the ride.

  3. My outsiders view:
    Some think that the battle is lost, and the best case is to pledge fealty to a dictator who will protect them in return for their support.
    (We’ll ignore that this stratagem has a history of not working out well for groups that try it. History education in this country is what it is, largely absent and actively twisted to fit the Progressive ideology.)
    Some think that while there is life, there is hope. That God is on our side, and right will eventually prevail, even if only on the far side of persecution. (And it’s clear that persecution is becoming likely.)
    The two groups aren’t getting on well at the moment.
    Cruz is the epitome of what the Eagle Forum has stood for, but some of the membership (including the founder) have come to the conclusion that he is too little, too late. This isn’t going over well with members who are choosing to keep the faith.
    Both sides see each other are traitors to the cause.
    The first group is upset that the holdouts are not letting the organization speak with one voice in support of the would be strongman, who they’ll need to be in the good graces of to be protected.
    The second group is very upset at the first group for abandoning their principles out of fear.
    Not my most unbiased write up, I suppose. I admittedly have a great deal more sympathy for one side than the other.

    1. This rings true to me. Although I don’t quite understand why the Trump faction thinks he’s a viable option given his weakness as a candidate in the general. It would be one thing if he looked like a winner or at least a contender, but it’s been almost half a year since he last matched up well with Hillary or Bernie. They threw in with him after he lost his luster…

  4. As I see it, it’s part of the long simmering feud between the pro-Trump and NeverTrump forces coming to a boil following Colorado. The pro-Trump people have a real problem with their “Winner” losing again and again and again. Coupled with Cruz’s continued racking up of delegates and the continuing problems with Trump’s campaign team, have emboldened the NeverTrump people to start pushing back against the pro-Trump forces across the board. In response the pro-Trump people are lashing out in confusion and anger.

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