Maine GOP perhaps naively thinks that things should be quiet this weekend.

I mean, they’re only having a state convention that will finalize their delegate selection.  No biggie. What could possibly complicate matters?

The Maine GOP is going to have some star power at its state convention this weekend. Conservative radio talk show host Howie Carr will be broadcasting live, and Ben Carson will deliver the keynote address.

But organizers hope the excitement ends there; they’re not looking for controversy.

I mean, I could be wrong. But delegate selection is pretty sexy right now. As is getting the people who like you firmly in control of the rules committees…

6 thoughts on “Maine GOP perhaps naively thinks that things should be quiet this weekend.”

  1. Ugh. Howie Carr is besties with Ann Coulter, and hacks off accordingly. Maine conventions are never boring though. Last time the whole shindig got hijacked by PaulTards.

    1. * reads pre-paywall blurb.*
      Oh, they covered the paulbot thing. Still, Carr’s affiliates have been running ads for a month to get Trumpsters involved** to prevent the establishment(TM) “stealing” the delegates.
      **which is certainly their right…

  2. I was at the 2008 convention. The Ron Paul supporters were out in force, and in the end, it availed them nothing. I was one of them. (That was a long time ago, my first foray into politics, and I hope no one holds it against me.) The whole convention was a well-oiled machine. If Trump’s supporters are as disorganized as we were, they’ll be routed like Custer at the Little Big Horn. I don’t know about 2012. I was pretty disillusioned with political party politics and disillusioned with Ron Paul, so I didn’t go back. I think if the Cruz people are as organized as the Romney people were that night, it’ll be a quiet night. Romney actually spoke. He was a good speaker. Cal Thomas spoke too. He was also good.

    1. And considering Cruz won the primary (or was it a caucus?) in Maine, I’d imagine there aren’t as many Trump fans in the party proper.

    2. All things considered, I think that being a former Ron Paul supporter has reached the ‘And what’s it to you?” stage. 🙂

      1. I am savoring the irony of the “white hat” candidate (that’d be Cruz) playing the straw-poll-and-delegate game so closely to the way Ron Paul played it every couple years..
        This is the first time I recall the party leadership types (and, to be clear here, I’m *not* meaning Moe..) *endorsing* rather than *complaining about* these tactics.
        I suspect that, at least some part of the blowback Cruz is getting over these tactics are knee-jerk reflexes, honed by getting stung by Luap Nor all those years.

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