Can’t get Powergramo to work with Skype again.

Powergramo is what I use to record interviews on Skype. ¬†Currently, Powergramo¬†loads up, shows me the window that suggests that it’s creating a file of the call, but it won’t record calls – or maybe it won’t save them. I’m been fiddling with it for a couple hours and I’m done now, thanks. Anybody have any thoughts? I’m willing to accept ‘get something else besides Powergramo to record your Skype calls,’ if it’s not too dear.

4 thoughts on “Can’t get Powergramo to work with Skype again.”

    1. I’ve had good experience with Audacity doing rough home-studio music, so voice shouldn’t be a problem.

      Also you could also use something other than Skype. It can be buggy as heck even without the recording plugins.

  1. Usually in a troubleshooting situation you want to ask “what changed?”

    Skype is a program that likes to update itself, so I wonder if a new release of the program is broken.

    You could look on forums for Skype or Powergramo or contact the authors if it’s a paid program. Usually if you are having a problem, somebody else is too. Or maybe the authors know of a log to check for errors.

    Or you could use a program like Windows Procmon to see what the application is trying to do. Maybe you’ll see a failure.

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