John McCain is a lucky so-and-so.

I mean, John McCain picked the absolutely best election cycle to have one of his fundraisers busted for cooking meth:

A huge drug bust in Phoenix, Arizona, put one of Sen. John McCain’s former consultants behind bars.

Emily Pitha and her boyfriend were arrested after authorities discovered methamphetamines, LSD, heroin, cocaine and a large amount of cash inside their home.

‘Former’ consultant only in the sense that, once this story came out, McCain’s organization cracked the lightspeed barrier when it came to severing all ties with Ms. Pitha. Seriously, you’d think that there’d be radiation burns or something. Or at least the air igniting.

Fortunately for John McCain, though… this is a bad moment in time for trying to come up with a political media firestorm that does not somehow involve the revolving dumpster fire at the goat rodeo that is the current Republican front-runner.  I mean, with anybody else we’d all have been all over this story. As it stands, though… eh, it’s not the worst thing I’ve heard about a campaign staffer this month?

2 thoughts on “John McCain is a lucky so-and-so.”

  1. .. it’s not like McCain’s going to lose .. and it’s not like McCain’s going to get drafted to replace Mr. Goat-Rodeo Dumpster-Fire ..
    What this story *is* is a good example of *how it’s done* .. one that we can drag out and point to next time some Dem gets caught but ties aren’t even bent, let alone severed ..

    1. Don’t be so sure. He’s been in margin of error territory with the Dem and if Trump’s the nominee, AZ is a risk to go Hillary likely wiping him out.

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