In the Mail: S.M. Stirling’s Prince of Outcasts.

Prince of Outcasts is part of S.M. Stirling’s Emberverse low-fantasy series; it’s partially about the South Seas, partially about the looming trans-Pacific war that’s about to erupt there (in a world where gunpowder and steam engines are being flat-out magically suppressed via a worldwide Change, no less) – and more than a little about the no-fooling Cthulhu Mythos (Carcosa¬†edition), only nobody knows that because apparently the Lovecraft enthusiasts largely did not survive the Change. I’ve been looking forward to reading it, particularly because of the Mythos link; it’s going to be interesting when the people in that series really understand just how problematical their life has just become.

Now I just have to wait for another year for the next one to come out. Yay…

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  1. I’ve loved S.M. Stirling ever since I read Drakka all those years ago. I actually go back and re-read the entire Change series from time to time. Prince of Outcasts is starting off nicely so far.

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