I’m sure there’s a really good reason…

…why I just spent an hour and a half playing a tower defense game, but I’m blessed if I know why. I don’t even like them very much. But apparently sometimes you just gotta.

5 thoughts on “I’m sure there’s a really good reason…”

    1. That’s one of the few I’ve actually enjoyed. Sometimes life requires mindless clicking.

      1. I would not assign “mindless clicking” to tower defense games, since there’s a lot of thought that needs to go into your defenses. I am finding games where I manage the action more enjoyable than when I am the one actually fighting.

  1. Kingdom Rush is pretty, and has a hero you have to do stuff with during a wave, so it keeps you involved. I like Gemcraft, but sometimes it seems like you need to grind for exp too much. Bloons is cute, but gets repetitive to me.

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