‘The Wizard of Lies’ trailer.

This is the Bernie Madoff movie that has Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer in it, and I personally would not have starred in it, even in that weird alternate universe where I’m a big-name Hollywood movie star.  Madoff is hated.  I am absolutely convinced that there are multiple hit men currently on retainer against the possibility that Madoff might somehow get out of prison, some day: I for myself would be just the slightest bit worried that playing the role of Bernie Madoff might sufficiently qualify as guilt-by-association.  A very low-probability scenario, sure – but there was a lot of money on that particular table.

Movie comes out May 20th on HBO.


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      1. Interestingly (?) enough I saw an article about him a few weeks ago. In prison he’s managed to corner the market on cigarettes or something, and made himself a big player. The other inmates interviewed seem to think that makes him a tough guy or something.

    1. It’s a lot easier to to con a greedy man, but as millions of spammers show, it’s possible to con an ignorant one too.

      1. Also, the desperate and heartbroken.
        My family was one of dozens that got taken by a fraudulent adoption agency. (We didn’t get dinged too badly, because I’m an asshole. But others lost many tens of thousands.) It should have been an open and shut case, but the FBI made a mistake on one of the forms, and the judge tossed the case. Just found out that little tidbit yesterday.
        But the larger point holds.
        Madoff’s investors thought they were taking advantage of the lesser-connected. I can’t feel *too* sorry that Madoff was taking advantage of them. (Granted, IMO he deserves the death penalty, but it’s not my fault that crimes like his aren’t eligible for it.)

        1. I’d say the government needs to relax their monopoly on the use of force a little, but that’s dangerously political for Moe’s these days.

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