Well, it was a day.

As you might imagine, it wasn’t all that fun of one. I don’t know personally anybody who was shot this morning, but that was more happenstance than anything else; the political folks were all people who I could have reasonably worked with, at one time or another. And while it could have been so much worse, it still wasn’t what anybody would call ‘good.’ I have had the urge to snarl.

Prayers and good wishes for the victims, of course.

3 thoughts on “Well, it was a day.”

    1. To the extent any stranger would expect kind thoughts from a cat to begin with ?
      To their….credit(?), they are going ahead with the baseball game this week. As someone described it, it’s one of the few things in D.C. that Doesn’t Yet Suck.

  1. Prayers for the victims.
    A different sort of prayer for the perpetrator.
    I wish I could believe that this violence won’t spread.
    I also wish that those who condemned me for my beliefs every time a crazy person with no discernable ties to me or my beliefs committed violence, would engage in a bit of introspection.
    And a pony.

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