Some helpful suggestions for DC, given the Wonder Woman thing.

The ‘thing’ being that the Wonder Woman movie is almost certainly going to be their best-grossing DCEU movie by the end of Fourth of July weekend.  In light of that, I feel that DC should review their character conceptions. Potentially drastically.  Here are some suggestions.

  • Superman. Yeah, sure, he’s dead.  Riiiiiiight.  When you guys bring him back, remember: tints of red and blue, not shades.  And it’s “Truth, Justice, and the AMERICAN Way.”  And you’re never going to get anything better than the John Williams theme, fools. Stop trying.
  • Batman. Actually, the Batman in Batman v. Superman wasn’t… yeah, OK, Ben Affleck made a surprisingly good Bruce Wayne and the actual crime investigation stuff was awesome. More of that.
  • Aquaman.  Look, I got one word for you. OUTRAGEOUS! Although I reserve judgement. If Jason Momoa pulls off what he’s doing, sweet. If not, look, there is an existing ‘cool’ Aquaman now. Go with that.
  • Spider-Man Flash.  Yeah, let’s be honest there, huh?  Kid looks like he’s gonna be the young wise-cracker.  I reserve judgement until I see the movie, but my friend Eric Burns-White has a point about the virtues of a classic Barry Allen.
  • Cyborg.  …Maybe it’s the Teen Titans talking, but shouldn’t he be the young wise-cracker? Well, too late now to recast and use him as a stepping stone to a live action Teen Titans movie (one with a proper Starfire). Or, hey, blatantly ignore your own movie series’ canon and just go with it.  God knows you should anyway, given the entire awkwardness that is the end of Man of Steel.

I have more suggestions. Of course.  But they mostly involve a time machine.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m reasonably sure that they don’t need to be told what to do with Wonder Woman, given that the answer is Just do all of that again. Somehow. Figure it out, you’re professionals.

2 thoughts on “Some helpful suggestions for DC, given the Wonder Woman thing.”

  1. Two notes- 1) The current scuttlebutt about Batman is that it’s going to be an actual detective story. At least this week.
    2) Yeah, Cyborg’s cheerful in the cartoon. He’s a lot less so in the comics. In those he’s been a bit resentful of the whole “90% of the body replaced with metal” thing there.

  2. If I remember correctly Cyborg has always been a bit of the gloomy gus. The wisecracking member of the teen titans (Perez’s era) was Beast Boy (aka Changling). Perez’s team is my favorite. I really need to go back and read those.

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