It’s bad in Houston right now.

American Red Cross
Catholic Charities USA
Salvation Army

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Posted by I Love Texas on Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hopefully that’s just a Photoshop, although if it’s a picture of a flood reservoir, the image would make sense.  And warns that things are pretty damned bad in Houston right now anyway.  All in all: stay safe down there, folks.

5 thoughts on “It’s bad in Houston right now.”

    1. Yep. Things are bad, things are getting worse because the water all has to go somewhere, and will seek its’ lowest level. Oh, and saturate the ground and possibly cause some slides…
      So .. yeah. I may have added one of the Baptists’ relief agencies (yes, they have ’em) to the list, but .. ‘s a good start.

  1. Yeah, it’s not shopped. I’ve seen a few pics of 2001’s Hurricane Allison flooding sneaking in, but there’s a lot of phone video out there that corroborates that still shot, including some drone footage one of the Houston stations was showing today.
    Also, the Houston station, KHOU, that got knocked off the air due to their station flooding is back live again. Their Youtube channel is streaming their live coverage for the foreseeable future.

  2. Why we left Friday (visiting grandkids) – I was afraid I would still be there until I don’t know when.

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