Portable Hellholes [Unknown Armies]

Portable Hellholes [Unknown Armies] – Google Docs

Portable Hellholes [Unknown Armies]

Power: Significant.

Description: it looks like an extremely black circle that would be wide enough for a person to fall through, if it was actually a hole. It seems to be made out of some sort of resin; Portable Hellholes are hard to break, but it’s possible to do so.

Effect: when placed on the ground (it absolutely can be covered by leaves, carpets, garbage can lids, and other objects on that type), the next person to walk on top of a Portable Hellhole will immediately suffer a vivid and involuntary full sensorium hallucination that he has gone to Hell, and all of its torments.  The visions is always intensely personal, and based on the victim’s own fears, resentments, and hatreds. To outside observers, the victim merely collapses into unconsciousness for about an hour, and usually wakes up screaming.  Once used, a Portable Hellhole cannot be used for a full week.

Unconsciousness is pretty much guaranteed, but the hallucination will immediately trigger an Unnatural (6) stress test.  If that test is successful, the victim does not add a hardened stress notch, and does get to add 10% to his identity score (this can only be done once).  Sometimes it’s good to confront the darkness inside of you, face to face.