Jeez, just call me Cyclops.

Freaking pinkeye.  Two days before a trip, too.  I may have to send the family along ahead for a day and come when I’m hopefully no longer contagious — and no, that’s not a blessing in disguise, either.  This is a vacation that my mom’s wanted us to all do for almost a decade. There are wild horses and the beach and a Viking longboat and aunts to wrangle the children while my wife and I have a beer or three.  I want to go to this.  I just need not to be contagious for it.

Grr. Arrgh.

3 thoughts on “Jeez, just call me Cyclops.”

  1. You are still one up on any mythical, one-eyed beast, because you have a spare. If Polyphemus gets pinkeye, it’s game over. Unless he comes home and finds a bunch of guys in his house who then drive a sharpened log into his eye first. Because that would just be overkill if he got pinkeye afterward.

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