Can’t *quite* believe that Spider-Man will be in the Venom flick.

I mean, I understand the tactical surprise, here.  Having Spider-Man show up in Venom would be a lot like having That Thing That Happened In That Movie recently.  I just don’t know how they’d keep it a secret for this long, is all.  Or even if they’d want to.  When they got Spidey for Civil War, Marvel made really, really sure that you knew about it ahead of time.

Also, there’s That Thing That Happened In That Other Movietoo.  I mean, yes, obviously things will be resolved there. But trying to put Venom in the middle of the MCU’s continuity is going to be… interesting.

One thought on “Can’t *quite* believe that Spider-Man will be in the Venom flick.”

  1. Skimmed through the article. And if it happens, well, then, it’ll happen. And the MCU will likely ignore the odd goings on in New York City (much as they’ve ignored everything related to the odd earthquakes that apparently struck the city not all that long ago). *shrug*

    No, what concerns me about the article is something down just before the end of it. Jared Leto has apparently already been “lined up” to play Morbius. Now I don’t personally know much about Morbius. So I don’t have much of a stake in how he’s portrayed either way. But I think Leto’s already had one comic book character too many to screw up.

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