Trying to decide on Venom.

No, I don’t know why, either.  Venom does not look promising.  The critics are largely horrified by it.  I have been, at best, open yet skeptical about its likelihood of not sucking.  And yet I am thinking about seeing it anyway.

Am I really that desperate to get out of the house this Friday? Well, possibly. Although there is that new bookstore opening up at the mall…

7 thoughts on “Trying to decide on Venom.”

  1. So’s everybody. If they played it as strait up horror it would work, or as an strait anti-hero it could work, but they seem to have gone for bizarre combination of the two. At least from what I’ve seen. It almost looks like MCU is trying to revive their “Werewolf” and “Dracula” lines with the “Venom” movie. Which could be.

  2. Half the reviews on the front page of rotten tomatoes were complaining that it had a PG-13 instead of R rating. The other half were complaining about tonal confusion.

  3. That was my point! It’s a Total Tonal meltdown! They were going for something and it didn’t work. This is not the eighties!

  4. The key here is to lower your expectations to such a degree that anything that’s even slightly better than “The Room” will be a pleasant surprise.

    The alternative is to choose another film. I think “Crazy Rich Asians” is still in theaters.

    1. My expectations for spending money at the theater are pretty low already …
      Relatively fresh popcorn
      Chocolate covered raisins
      Floors not too sticky
      Non-watered cola
      Give me those *well*, and I’ll sit through almost anything.

  5. Spider-Man isn’t involved, so I’m out. The first trailer was horrible and the latest ones merely bad, and apparently they show the best part of the movie.
    I like Tom Hardy as an actor, and I actually liked his Bane portrayal. This is a bridge too far for me.

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