Behold! Roast beef!

It’s been what either my dad or Stephen King would call a piss-cutter day*, but at least the roast came out nice:

I more or less used this recipe with a completely different spice rub. Salt, pepper, and thyme; it came out great.  So did the potatoes.  So, hey, that worked.

Moe Lane

*I honestly can’t remember who.

4 thoughts on “Behold! Roast beef!”

  1. Ever think of throwing some radishes in with the roast? They taste kind of like Turnips when cooked. And they don’t affect the taste of anything else. Its’ just something different to have with the roast and potatoes. I also toss in carrots, celery and onion.

      1. When I get roast, I always plan to eat it in sandwiches for as long as possible. I despise pre-packaged “roast beef”, but love roast. I think it is the excessive liquid added to commercial roast beef.

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