Uggh. Sick.

A twenty minute ‘let me put my head down’ turned into a four and a half hour passed out. That means I’m sick. …Ill. …I have a cold? Yeah, that one.

I might still put stuff up today. No reason not to, hey? But I’m kind of drifty right now.

One thought on “Uggh. Sick.”

  1. Well, if you’re fishing for material…

    Do you remember Zack Hill? (AKA the Minimum Wage Historian blogger)
    Three days before his sudden and untimely death, he finished writing the rough draft of his first novel. It was finished by Paul Genesse and Patrick Tracy as a labor of love, and all royalties go to his widow.
    It just launched, and signal boosting is good.
    So if you’re interested…

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