Oh, hey. George RR Martin gearing up to infuriate ANOTHER set of TV fans.

Isn’t that exciting?

Sources confirm to The Hollywood Reporter that the premium cable network is near a deal for a pilot order for a prequel set 300 years before the events of the flagship series that tracks the beginnings and the end of House Targaryen. Ryan Condal (Colony) and Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin will pen the script for the drama, which is based on Martin’s book Fire & Blood.

HBO declined comment.

H/T: ComingSoon.

Yeah. Yeah, I imagine that they would. Although it’s no skin off their noses if George RR Martin declines to finish a series. Or perhaps I’m being unfair: after all, everybody knows how Game of Thrones ends now, right? Is there really any practical point to actually bother with writing the last book?

Moe Lane

PS: The properly cutting rejoinder to this, of course, is to snidely note that I’ve yet to publish one best-selling book; or, indeed, any book at all. Which is of course why I’m reminding myself now to get on with getting the one that I did write through its second draft. Proper snark requires a solid foundation from which to fire.

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  1. It’s a rejoinder, but I wouldn’t consider it cutting. It’d be different if you had published the first book or two in a series, and then stopped before finishing it. Or, worse, outsourced the final book to a different medium with completely different authors and left the original work unfinished.

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