Sony may be expanding HORIZON: ZERO DAWN to PCs.

Interesting. If true.

Gaming news has emerged that may signal a monumental shift for Sony Interactive Entertainment. According to Kotaku, the publisher plans to port a massive game, previously exclusive to PlayStation consoles, as a standalone purchase for Windows PC gaming storefronts.

The Thursday report, citing “three people familiar with Sony’s plans,” says that the game in question is the robo-safari adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn, which launched in early 2017 to rave reviews.

Possibly it’s because I grew up on PCs, but I’ve always had difficulty conceptualizing dedicated gaming computers as being a truly long-term viable alternative to general computers. Maybe it’s because you can’t really tweak a PlayStation’s hardware the way you can a tower PC; in the end, you have to write your code to accommodate what the console can do, and every so often everybody has to toss their old consoles and get new ones. It seems simpler to just rebuild your computer every so often — but what do I know?

It’d be kind of fun to play Horizon: Zero Dawn, though. Although for fifteen bucks I might grab it for the PS4 anyway.

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  1. It’s a good game. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, themed content inspired by the game ended up in the PS4 (and only PS4) version of Monster Hunter World. Hunting giant mechanical monsters isn’t all that much different from hunting giant flesh and blood monsters, after all.

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