Good News / Bad News on VENOM 2 front.

Although it might be Eye-Rolling News / Bad News for some of you:

I mean, I’m down with that title. Yes, VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE is not exactly the most subtle or sophisticated or even sedate title in the world. But then: have you seen the first VENOM? It was this strange flick that had a lot of people shaking their heads and going “Well, that was a little weird, and pretty pointless; but it was… actually kinda fun?” So they might as well lean into that entire mix of strange and dial-it-up*.

I’m annoyed that it’s been delayed until next year, though. But then, I like going to actual movie theaters.

*Mind you, they’ve cast Woody Harrelson as the host for Carnage. So they don’t really need my permission to lean into that. They already have.

One thought on “Good News / Bad News on VENOM 2 front.”

  1. I liked the comic book character Venom.

    Carnage was just plain stupid, imo. He was a mass murderer with a symbiote that made him super strong and nigh-invulnerable. There’s no logical in-setting reason why he shouldn’t have just been drop-kicked into the nearest furnace (since fire was the only thing that particular symbiote was weak to).

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