Zac Snyder Alters The Deal, brings back Jared Leto for JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Snyder will likely alter it further: “Jared Leto has joined Zack Snyder’s Justice League Director’s Cut, and he will reprise his role as Joker. Leto is a part of the additional shooting that is being done for the film.” The additional shooting which was never supposed to happen in the first place. Back when this was just going to be a recut of the movie. With only some special effects added. And so on, and so forth, while all the while Snyder keeps turning the screws — and now here we are, and where we are is hilarious.

Oh, stop scowling, HBO Max: you know perfectly well that you’ll get at least a month’s revenue out of me so I can watch the Snyder Cut*. That was the idea, right? This was always the plan, correct So you can just sit there and bear up under my amused scorn. Humility is good for the soul.

Moe Lane

*I am sure that there will be some subterfuge or machination that would allow me to watch the show for free, but I choose not to attempt to figure one out. I can afford to subscribe and give the network a fair chance to make their pitch. Fair’s fair.