Tweet of the Day, I Kind Of Want To Write This One Up edition.

It’s a killer concept…

…and I played with it a little in the response, trying to expand on the idea while keeping it legitimately horrific. It’d be easy enough to make it almost cutesy, but where’s the fun in THAT?

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I Kind Of Want To Write This One Up edition.”

  1. The idea that they eat wars… that’s interesting. It could go in one of a few very different directions.

    – It “eats wars” by walking into the middle of them and consuming all of the combatants and war materiel on both sides that don’t run away fast enough.

    – It “eats wars” by drawing sustenance from them without particularly consuming them. Thus, it’s motivated to cause wars to happen where it is, and/or to prolong and intensify the wars that are happening where it is. It’s form of “Drawing sustenance” may or may not involve eating *small* numbers of combatants on either/both sides, but it’s hungers aren’t enough to really shift the balance of the war in and of themselves.

    – It “Eats wars” by consuming wholesale the psychological and sociological underpinning for them. This seems like it would be great – you they can make sudden peace break out! It doesn’t fix any fo the underlying problems, though – just the rage in the moment. Further, this variety of War Eater is, again, motivated to have wars happening around them, which means that they’ll often try to time their consumption such that it leads to an uneasy peace that breaks out into an ugly war (perhaps even an *uglier* war) somewhat later, when the War Eater is feeling hungry again.

  2. “Almost cutesy” would play into the Japanese tropes around magical warrior girls, see Akira, Ghost In The Shell, Bleach…
    Almost cutesy turns this on itself .. the war eater isn’t cutesy.. or only appears cutesy to fools.

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