So, I guess they’re not filming a new season of THE MANDALORIAN any time soon.

I almost wrote ‘at all,’ but maybe another six months or a year will be enough time for the heat to die down. GeekTyrant aside, Dave Filoni did not ‘tease’ information on THE MANDALORIAN so much as he evaded giving out any. The Good Morning America segment was remarkably free of information on the subject (ScreenRant provided the relevant transcript):

Oh, that’s a tricky one, you know I don’t like to go into those answers without Jon here, my partner Jon Favreau. It’s exciting, we’re both working on that, we’re working on Boba Fett right now, so there’s a lot of new adventures coming up. I have to be careful, I can’t really say anything specific, but I think the Force will be strong with it. Let’s just say that.

Back in the Before Times I called this ‘Dorwinization:’ which is the ability to carefully and easily speak for some time and not say “one damned thing.” Working is such a broad term, really. When it refers to the Boba Fett show, it means that the show’s about to leave production. When it refers to the Mandalorian third season, it means that production has yet to begin.

But what do I know? They’ll probably start filming next week, just to prove me wrong.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “So, I guess they’re not filming a new season of THE MANDALORIAN any time soon.”

  1. Heard rumors they may bring Gina Carano back too, so they may be waiting for *that* particular cluster to fade away as well.

    1. I cannot imagine why she would want to do it unless they made major concessions and apologies. They not only terminated the working relationship, but also said she was a racist. They went above and beyond just ‘parting on good terms’ but also tried to blacklist her.
      They have taken the only bright spot -the enormous goodwill from the Luke scene- that they managed to create in several years of owning the IP and decided intentionally to piss all over it because it was not for the scene or characters that they wanted it to be for. The fans of the IP were enjoying it wrong.
      Has anyone who has engaged in denigrating fans or Gina been made to pay any sort of substantive price? Has Disney shown ANY desire to give content that people ACTUALLY want to watch? Have they shown the tiniest bit of humility or understanding that Star Wars means nothing in China- the market only ever existed in the US. The group that you continually try to make content for does not give one tenth of one shit about actually buying it. Yet they persist. Falcon and Winter Soldier prove that.
      I say: Let them reap as they have sewn.

  2. From a purely narrative view in story, and ignoring entirely the real world aspects of the production, this is a saddle point or transition for the story arc. The driving force for the plot of the two seasons is resolved. The falling action now, consequences in world and character growth from choices made, opens up fertile ground for new stories. But to keep the story interesting will require a focus on a plot, not just character exploration. Certainly I can think of a few options to pursue – no spoilers here – so I am sure others can as well.

    But I think they told the story they set out to tell, so I understand taking extra time to think about about story so they want to tell now.

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