05/25/21 Snippet, LICHES GET STITCHES.

Honestly, shuffling zombies aren’t much of a much.


The nice thing about fighting zombies is that you don’t need to sneak around much. You just have to stay out of range of… whatever they use to track humans. And it’s not very good.

They go down fast, too. The first three I saw after we burst through the door went down bang-bang-bang, right in the center of mass. The caliber I use, that’s enough to put a zombie on its ass. A quick look around, and there weren’t any others too close, so I tapped each one of the three in the head.

I looked back at Vinnie, who had his gun holstered, on my ‘suggestion.’ “One-and-one, see?” I said. “One in the body, one in the head. Knock ‘em down, take ‘em out, keep moving.”

“Got it,” Vinnie said as he pulled his piece out. “Do I start?”

“Let me get these two,” I said as I shot the ones now coming through the door. After I tapped them, I said, “Okay, reloading.”