05/27/21 Snippet, LICHES GET STITCHES.

Actually almost done! Huzzah!


The lich’s left leg and hip were fragments, and it was still trying to crawl. The concrete floor under it was a mess, too. Vinnie whistled. “What is that stuff?”

“Depleted uranium.” Pete held up one hand. “Relax! It ain’t radioactive.” Much. “It’s just real hard. Dense, too. Rips through wards like nobody’s business. And body armor. Bodies, too.”

“Shit. How do you get it?”

“You gotta know a guy who knows a guy in the Army who might have had a problem with blood gremlins in the Pentagon. Why those idiots made it five-sided… anyway, it ain’t just expensive. It’s for special.” Pete cocked his head. “Liches normally count as special, but this one is kind of… weak?”

“Fuck you,” said the lich. “There ain’t no classes for this.” It definitely sounded like a lich, at least, at least in the voice; all hollow and booming. Although there was more of a whine in it than Toledo Pete was expecting. “I was working it out.”

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  1. DU isn’t radioactive (I was in the Navy and dealt with it directly), but it is a Heavy Metal and HM poisoning isn’t a lot of fun.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think Pete really knows that. It’s 1979; he’s only got access to it because the Pentagon does a lot of off-the-books exorcisms. 🙂

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