Figured out the crime!


Only Aya brought down the phone, which meant it was a problem. “Here she is, Detective Bradner,” Aya said into the receiver, then mouthed the word “Police” as she handed it to me. That made me blink, and also feel a ridiculous stab of guilt. I mean, the pack hadn’t done anything! Lately. And even when we had, it wasn’t bad enough to involve the cops. Believe you me, werewolves know where the lines are in modern society.

“Hello, this is Detective Winston Bradner. Is this Analyst Kim Simon?” asked the male voice on the other end of the line. He sounded in his mid-thirties, at least five-ten, and — well, he wasn’t quite in as good shape as he had been, but he was definitely trying to get back to there. There was a slight strain in his voice that suggested a recent injury, but that could have been everything. Oh, and Detective Bradner didn’t have that certain tone in his voice that my kind associate with the imminent arrival of a torch-wielding mob.

Wolves have excellent hearing. Werewolves take it to a whole other level.

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  1. Did you mean “could have been anything” rather than “could have been everything”?

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