10/12/21 Snippet, DEATH SENDS A PACKAGE.

Meet our hero!


The name on my business card says Liam O’Toole, Private Investigator, and that’s barely a lie. ‘O’Toole’ wasn’t the last name I was born with; people expect a bit of the Celtic when it comes to investigators working Faetown. It was either change the last name, or do the brogue, and I can’t do a brogue.

I’ve been caught up in Faetown since there’s been one. Mostly I smooth out beefs between humans and Fae before the beefs start stampeding. The, ah, ‘Fair Folk’ sometimes have trouble remembering that unattended stuff still belongs to somebody, and the humans are… well, you know. Humans. You get problems. But you’re not supposed to get murder. Especially when a cold iron knife’s involved. The Fae were gonna get really pissed off about that, if it wasn’t resolved in a reasonable time.