10/19/21 Snippet, TINSEL RAIN.

Another 500 words today. Still not optimal, but it’s functional.


I thought about bringing Graciella along to the Castle… for about ten seconds. You don’t take anything, or anyone, to a Dominion ambassador meet-and-seethe that you don’t have to. Besides, they’d check her age at the door. Sixteen’s on the young side for that sort of establishment.

There was no King’s Ride this time; I had to call a cab that morning. And I did have to. Louie had done wonders with the suit, and for once I wanted to keep it that way until I had to, I dunno, dive off the Castle walls or something. Or fight in a burning building. Or throw an ax at a demon, or… things happen to me a lot, you know?

The crowd was already pretty big when I descended from the cab and got the literal brush-off from a whisk-wielding courtier. We lucky guests were all fashionably early, or at least that was the excuse we were all using. More than one Dominion ambassador has started off their time in Cin City by throwing fireballs into the city because the audience was too small. That bugs a surprising number of our nobles; personally, I figure it’s because they’ve finally learned where all the booze and showgirls come from. Simple self-interest, right?