NaNoWriMo, Day 10: 510 / 28,870.

I need to reset. Or sleep more. Or both.

The remains of the planetary traffic system had issues with haulers skimming just above the tree-tops at several hundred miles per hour. Can’t imagine why! Their mothers must have been scared by space-cheetahs, or something. But that was all right; most of the path from here to the Delilik Autonomous Agronomic Facility was currently blessedly free of traffic laws. Those stretches that weren’t were stable enough that I could reduce speed in time to avoid grounding. It’d take finesse, but when I’m behind the control stick I have that and to spare. Getting a look-see at Adam’s main patrol route would just be a matter of flying straight, and making sure the cameras were properly recording this time.

Although a proper look-see would have involved me walking the path. That wasn’t going to happen, though. It’d take too long and I didn’t know a damned thing about hiking through the woods.

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  1. 21088 – Todd Walker, Reluctant Vampire, goes to an orientation meeting in the colleges Empathy Tent, where he witnesses a fistfight over pronouns.

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