Just watched the first episode of HAWKEYE (It’s good!).

No, really. I was worried that Kate Bishop would be this already perfect superheroine in every possible way, Clint Barton would be this washed-up old guy who nobody remembers, and him ‘helping’ her would be the only way he could rekindle his heroism. That is… pretty much not what is happening, so far*. Instead, we’re getting a fairly demented, but so far entertaining, Christmas story. I am down for this.

Moe Lane

PS: On a not-quite-related note, regarding THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER: I continue to find it impossible to believe that there is a single bank in Louisiana which would have not given Sam Wilson a loan, if only for the commercials. “When one of the Avengers – OUR Avenger – came home to his community to help his sister get their parents’ business back on track, we were there. We assembled for Sam: we’ll do the same for you.” [Stock photo of Falcon smiling, hands on hips, wings extended] [bank logo, catchphrase]

*And to put it mildly.

6 thoughts on “Just watched the first episode of HAWKEYE (It’s good!).”

  1. I thought putting her training montage in the opening credits was clever. Gets her adult skill level credibly out of the way without actually getting in the way of the story. Then the very first scene….*definitely* not perfect in any way.

  2. Gotta concur with Moe re Falcon and banks.

    Popped me right out of suspension of disbelief that, with all the wealthy members of shield, nobody would loan them money.

    Should have played the too-proud-to-take-charity card harder if that was the actual angle.

    Saving Hawkeye for a good binge night.


  3. Kate Bishop is a babe in the woods and only by Client’s pain and suffering has she survived thus far. The series has promise, not least because the bad guys are “The Tracksuit Mafia”.

    1. A) Spoilers!

      B) Last night became “a good binge night”.

      C) The comics always have that .. comedic punch .. usually lightly rooted in truth. (often, the people I see out and about in track suits will, when they speak, show they’re of eastern european extraction …)

      D) Yeah, it’s gonna be a hard mentoring on both sides.


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