Tweet of the Day, …Oh, boy. edition.

I’m with Brian on this one.

Scott Bakula’s aware, not upset, but not currently involved. I am… skeptical that they can catch QUANTUM LEAP in another bottle. And, dammit, but Dean Stockwell was a great character actor. So we’ll see!

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …Oh, boy. edition.”

  1. I’m cautiously optimistic, as it was a favorite show of mine. The showrunners did God Friended Me and that was a good show cancelled too soon.

  2. Don’t be optimistic, be fearful.

    Every leap will be into a purple haired virtue signaler and end with imposing a modern leftist idea into an anachronistic setting – i e. how dare they not draft trannies in WWII, why do these monsters oppose gay interratial marriage in 1937 Kansas, cheer for the girl who wants a wheelchair accessible fireescape in an NYC slum, so stunning, so brave, so stronk.

  3. A subversively religious show on NBC, in 2022.

    Yeah, I don’t see it happening.
    It’s going to be a travesty.

  4. As with “Sliders”, this was one that had potential but didn’t achieve.

    Bakula was good, Stockwell was brilliant, but the whole thing just .. bogged down for me.

    I have no hope for this reboot; the loons are running the studios, at this point, bensdad00 has the right idea, I think.

    This will just be a vehicle to moralize whatever the idiocy of the week is, just another respected institution killed, gutted, and worn as a skin suit …

    … and now I’m depressed.


  5. Let’s brighten things up a bit and dwell on past glory.

    The only TV prop I’ve ever had a hankering for comes from Quantum Leap.

    Forgive my perhaps imperfect recollection three decades on, but the gist is here – Something, something, Sam jumped into Vietnam and goes rogue to save the life of his brother rather than complete his mission. A picture gets taken of the soldier Sam should have kept from getting captured being led away by the Cong, and the episode ends with us seeing the picture – a young Al in fatigues.

    I want a copy of that photo for all it represents about duty, sacrifice, and friendship..

    When Sam learns what he did to his friend (and realizes Al didn’t bitch or complain in the moment) the conversation ensues (Thank you IMDB)

    Al: What the hell. I get repatriated in five years.

    Sam: You could’ve been free.

    Al: I was free.

    Al: [taps his temple] Up here, I was always free.

    RIP Dean Stockwell

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