Making some slow-cooked pork.

Gonna start it up at noon, so if you have suggestions, let me know. I do a minimalist pork slow-cook, but I can choose to be different about it. It’s allowed.

6 thoughts on “Making some slow-cooked pork.”

  1. For a slow cooker, honey and a splash of liquid smoke are nice additions. (As is a splash of balsamic vinegar.)
    Garlic, salt, black pepper, paprika, She Italian seasonings go without saying.

      1. (Contemplates life without garlic.)
        The horror. The horror.

        It’s a significant disad, but she seems to have put the points to good use.

  2. I realize it’s too late at this point, but for next time:

    I use a paprika/Chipotle/brown sugar rub[with other stuff to taste], over raisins and onions[I know I know] and a splash of Bourbon or dark beer for the base liquid.

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