05/12/22 Snippet, HERO OF THE REVOLUTION.

You should see the other guy.


“I’m sorry, Angel Vadriel,” the Throne told me at the observation post. “Your spare body was misfiled.”

Both Heaven and Hell maintain observation posts on the mortal plane of existence, ostensibly to keep an eye on each other but really to facilitate the transfer of select resources to our own planes of existence. Demons do so love their addictive substances — and, to be honest about it, so do angels. It’s just that being addicted to music or poetry is much easier on ourselves and others than either alcohol or cocaine.

We also use the posts to communicate more easily with our homes, which is why I was calling up to have my spare body prepared. Only it wasn’t there. Given that the current one I was in had a pronounced limp, a slowly-inflating chest, and an extremely loose head, I was not pleased to get this news.