We *may* be getting a cat tomorrow.

My wife and eldest are to travel to see the cat, see if the cat is acceptable, and see whether we are acceptable to the cat. It would be nice to have a cat around the place again, honestly. Although I’ll have to go back to regularly dosing myself with magical Tablets of Allergy Negation* again.

We’re still trying to decide whether or not to rename the cat. I’m kind of favoring ‘Kadath,’ because Lovecraft, but I’m not the only one who gets a vote. For that matter, the cat might actually answer to the original name. :shrug: Guess we’ll see…

Moe Lane

*I would have done crimes for this stuff at the age of twenty-three.


3 thoughts on “We *may* be getting a cat tomorrow.”

  1. We adopted two cats nearly a year ago, and despite my allergies, I don’t regret it, partly because they’re pretty affectionate little ones. We adopted them as kittens from a litter my sister’s cat had, so we were the first to name them: Maxwell (after James Clerk Maxwell) and Marie (after Marie Curie). They’ve become quite prominent on our online magazine’s website (https://www.mysteriononline.com/search/label/Columns).

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