The “…GOOD?” SAMARITAN Amazon Prime video trailer.

I mean, SAMARITAN really does look like it doesn’t suck. Geeks Are Sexy sounds as surprised at that as I am; and I’m not why we are. There’s no immediate reason why it should be awful, after all.

2 thoughts on “The “…GOOD?” SAMARITAN Amazon Prime video trailer.”

  1. “No immediate reason why it should be awful”

    But there is reason (and to be sure I am NOT hoping for this outcome). One need look no further than Bruce Willis, a former above- the- title star who made a ton of direct to DVD or instant-streaming cash grabs that featured him predominantly in trailers when his actual role was more of a cameo.

    Now Bruce’s decisions are his own, and we shouldn’t tar Sly with that brush, but it’s not impossible or unbelievable that Stallone could die in the first half hour and pass his mantle and powers to the kid.

    1. In Bruce’s case, he had a degenerative condition that was effectively destroying his ability to act professionally, so he cashed out as hard as he could while he still could.

      Now, that’s not to say that you’re necessarily incorrect, but Bruce wasn’t exactly situation normal.

      Also… it’s *possible* that even if he does die and pass the mantle, it *still* might not suck. The possibility exists, at least.

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