08/30/22 Snippet, TOUR OF DUTY.


March 6 

I’m starting to enjoy more and more Janusz’s guard shifts, because when he’s there, he’s not here and being annoying. It’s not like he even likes Aldini anymore! He keeps talking about how malingering the man is, and how all the guards have to pester him now to help with research that Aldini himself asked to help with. 

I asked Dan about that, and he agreed about the pestering. “Maybe it’s because he’s not working on power sources,” he had said. “Chin instead has him running tests on the tissue sample. Which, sure, he knows almost nothing about, but he can follow a checklist.”

“On the sample? Is that safe?”

“It’s a digital reconstruction of the tissue sample, cariña. I don’t think it’s going to infect anybody in meatspace.”

…Cariña. I like it.